The Hosted Virtual Desktop Providers You Need to Know About

Now that a lot of organizations area unit turning to virtual desktops to satisfy security necessities, change remote employees and barge “cloud first” missions, the discussion is shifting from “maybe” virtual desktops to “how.” Massive names in virtualization and cloud have dipped their toes into the space and sometimes dominate the conversations as a result of they’re well-known corporations and therefore the best to return by in search results. however, this doesn’t mean they need the simplest solutions on the market.

In addition to those massive names, dress shop desktop as a service (DaaS) corporations are crafting specialized solutions, services, and support to satisfy the growing would like for desktop virtualization. Hosted virtual desktop suppliers form a decent partnership with shoppers to deliver on the guarantees of VDI. Providing an answer that was engineered from the bottom up to form a high-availability, superior setting specifically tuned for desktop virtualization, Hosted virtual desktop providers takes its services a step further by providing extra user computing solutions and strong insights and management options.

Organizations that are unit serious regarding high activity, straightforward to manage virtual desktops ought to contemplate a provider that's centered on providing specifically those options. Here’s what you get with desktop as a service.

Custom engineered Infrastructure
Designed and architected from the bottom up with one issue and one issue solely in mind: supporting high-performance virtual desktops.

Delivery choices
Offering virtual desktop delivery from our non-public cloud or from your on-premise setting. Some shoppers use a hybrid approach, choosing cheaper cloud delivery once the utilization case permits whereas implementing on-premise preparation for safer, a lot of regulated use cases or groups.

If you needed to support a virtual desktop implementation in-house, odds are you'd have built in-house system. sadly, several larger “DaaS providers” leave shoppers mostly on their own to implement, train and maintain the new setting once the contract is signed. These solutions are more “infrastructure as a service” masquerading as desktop as a service.

Easy Management & Insights
HVD suppliers offers in-house groups a centralized portal to manage their virtual desktop setting and gather deeper insights and metrics for future higher cognitive process. Features include:
● Real-time user observance
● Archival use metrics
● Centralized ticketing and service communication
● Auto-patching to deal with updates and vulnerabilities
● Maintenance window notifications

Most HVD providers offers you the tools and insights you would like to watch and manage your setting whereas additionally alarming you with data for future news and business choices. State of the art VDI tools are combined in custom engineered options to form a sturdy, easy setting that produces managing virtual desktops and communication along with your resolution support team easier than ever before – all from one providers.


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